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Outdoor Advertising is the first class solution for The Chartered Institute of Marketing

The Chartered Institute of Marketing recognise Outdoor Advertising as an important part of their advertising model.

As the only study centre owned by The Chartered Institute of Marketing, the world’s largest organisation of professional marketers, CIM Academy takes pride in representing the Marketing profession.Out Of Home International - CIM - Train Car Square

From 5th September 2011 The Chartered Institute of Marketing is running a comprehensive railway advertising campaign. Train car squares will be displayed in carriages travelling major rail lines on the South West Trains Rail Network. The poster squares present details of the CIM Academy, showcasing the inspirational message ‘Take the next step’ in gaining a professional qualification in marketing or sales with the CIM Academy.

Out of Home International recommended the CIM Academy use train car squares to maximise their return on advertising expenditure, by directing the campaign to their target audience. Research from TGI (2009) found that regular rail users are among the most ambitious people in the country and they believe education will help them acOut Of Home International - CIM - Train Car Squarehieve their goals. Key findings from the TGI confirmed that 37% of frequent rail users want to be top of their career and that 94% agree that it’s important to continue learning; 29% of those surveyed are more likely than the average to still be studying.

The research also found that rail users have the disposable income to afford to pay for their education; and the average personal salary is £29,000 pa. The campaign from the CIM Academy will target the 48% of frequent rail users want a life full of challenge, novelty and change and will put the required effort into achieving this by way of education.

“Out of Home International has succeeded in the Media Buying profession with thanks to its 14 strong staff of Outdoor Consultants, some of which have gained qualifications accredited by The Chartered Institute of Marketing. It was an absolute honour to work with the CIM Academy, and very pleasing to see such an important institute recognise the importance of Out of Home Advertising in today’s competitive market.” John Kehoe, Managing Director at Out of Home International.

The medium weight campaign will run for two weeks and is sure to entice aspiring marketers and sales executives into looking into taking a program of study with the CIM Academy.