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Outdoor revenues up 1.1% in Q1

The outdoor media sector generated revenues of £206.5m in the first quarter of 2011, up 1.1% when compared to the same period of 2010, representing the fifth consecutive quarter of revenue growth.

According to figures from the Outdoor Media Centre, outdoor media owners generated combined revenues of £206.5m, while digital revenues account for £25.1m of the total, up 31% year on year.

Aside from the growth in digital, figures from the OMC showed the other standout performance was by large format banners, which took revenues of £4.7m during the three months, up 30% year on year.

Mike Baker, chief executive of the Outdoor Media Centre, said: “This quarter has seen outdoor challenged in the same way as other display media. We were up against some tough comparatives with the election and significantly higher government spending last year in quarter one.”

The Outdoor Media Centre has released the breakdown of its digital revenues by environment for the first time. Transport, predominately subways, rail and airport, accounted for 50% of digital revenues; roadside, mainly large format LED billboards and spectaculars, was 28%, and the retail and leisure sector was 22%.