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Poster campaign in Scotland gets pulled

Strathclyde Passenger Transport (SPT) have pulled an advert from trains on Glasgow’s Underground after alleged complaints.

The advert from pro-independence website, Wings Over Scotland had initially been allowed by the transport body and deemed acceptable. 

Editor of the site, Stuart Campbell informed readers that it was to be pulled by SPT just a matter of hours after a complaint had been made.

Mr Campbell said, ‘we don’t believe the banners break the rules. They don’t state any political position, merely offer people a source of information, just like an ad for a newspaper would.

‘The information may itself have a certain slant, but then it does in the Daily Record or the Scotsman too, so we don’t feel we’re any different and we have every confidence that SPT will take a fair and reasonable view.’

The decision to pull the advert has angered many on the site and across social media. In an updated message after the announcement was made to take down the posters, Mr Campbell said, ‘we’ve just been informed that SPT have indeed demanded that the ads be pulled, and that they’ll probably be gone by tomorrow, so get out tonight if you want to see.’

The details of the debate aside, it’s good to see the positive effects that a well delivered, transport media advert can have. Despite it being taken down soon after it was revealed, the aftershock of the poster means the campaign has resonated positively and raised brand awareness for Wings Over Scotland.