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Is Your Daily Routine Destroying the Rainforest? New Ads Reveal the Effects of Palm Oil

Transport Media has launched a new advertising campaign on the London Overground network, once again working with its long-term client Rainforest Foundation UK to promote the charity’s work and raise awareness of a new SMS campaign.

As the specialist transport advertising division of Media Agency Group, Transport Media has coordinated this effective new campaign, which sees over 200 rail panel advertisements located on London Underground trains. The advertisement was created by creative agency 999 Design.

rainforest foundation london advertising

The ads are in a prime location, allowing passengers to absorb the creative and take on board Rainforest Foundation UK’s message as they seek a welcome distraction from their tube journey.

The ad campaign supports Rainforest Foundation UK’s latest SMS campaign. It’s aiming to educate the British public on the effects of palm oil, the rainforest’s “hidden destroyer,” which is found in many everyday products such as toiletries, cosmetics and snacks.

Palm oil plantations are often established at the expense of the world’s rainforests due to the plant’s climate requirements. The UK public are encouraged to text ‘HID’ or ‘CHOC’ to 70300 to receive a free palm oil guide to help them make informed choices on which products to purchase.

rainforest foundation london advertisement

Rainforest Foundation UK’s work is vital to the future of the world’s rainforests, saving homes, habitats and species for future generations. As well as rail panel advertising, Media Agency Group will also be coordinating a new out of home campaign in Edinburgh, Oxford and Cambridge in the coming weeks to help spread the organisation’s message further.

Managing Director of Transport Media’s parent company Media Agency Group, John Kehoe, said:

“It’s a pleasure to be once again working with Rainforest Foundation UK on another effective transport advertising campaign. Media Agency Group is proud to help the foundation promote its work by coordinating this London campaign and our future campaigns across the UK. The ads spread an important message about the harmful effects of palm oil and we’re sure they’ll generate interest in the new SMS campaign.”