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Skiddle makes your Weekend Matter with Transport Media

The UK’s largest what’s on guide and primary ticket outlet, Skiddle, is collaborating with Transport Media in order to project their brand over the North West, comprising a range of activities including an outdoor campaign across public transport in the city of Manchester.

The end of September will see Skiddle highlighted by taxi advertising and bus superside adverts, giving the ticketing giant maximum presence in Manchester over a number of weeks.

The taxi superside artwork sports a stylized cityscape background, displaying elegant golden text that promotes the Preston-based ticket agency’s core ethos: ‘Weekends Matter’. A paragraph of text is positioned in the top right corner of the tipseat ads, informing the public that Skiddle are there to “help you have the time of your life”, while the bus supersides opt for a vibrant pink colour palette making the graphics consistent with Skiddle’s freshers’ campaign. Both bus and taxi supersides are endorsed by the Skiddle logo, with all adverts projecting the Skiddle website. Coloured text along the base also outlines sectors supported by the company, such as ‘events’ and ‘hotels’.

Skiddle Super side Campaign

Skiddle are a leading supplier of online ticket sales in the UK, providing a comprehensive social calendar that covers clubs, gigs, festivals as well as a range of booking opportunities including tickets, hotels and restaurants as well as editorially led news and reviews section. By appearing on the omnipresent urban platforms of buses and taxis, Skiddle will reinforce their services across the nightlife-driven and music-focused public of Manchester, giving their brand prominence across a highly appropriate community.

Skiddle’s Head of Marketing, Simon Dalley, revealed that they “always go to town at the start of the new academic year because the students are so important to us”. Discussing the decision to use buses and taxis in this year’s initiative, Dalley went on to say: “The campaign features a wide range of media from billboards to bus stops, phone boxes as well as posters and flyering; the buses and taxis will back up the message ensuring we’ve got maximum visibility in Manchester.”

CEO of Transport Media’s parent company Media Agency Group, Lee Dentith, said:

The iconic outdoor advertising platforms of bus and taxi supersides will give Skiddle a strong synonymy with the bustling social life of the city, as these formats will be publicly accessible on a 24-hour basis, reaching everyone from families to clubbers. The timing of the campaign coincides with university Freshers arriving in the city, ensuring that Skiddle is their primary point of contact for tickets.”