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The Most Memorable Transport Adverts

Nothing can capture your attention when walking down the road like a clever or funny advert. When done well they will be thought provoking and remembered well after you have passed them by. 
Below is a compilation of some of our favourite transport adverts, guaranteed to make you think and or chuckle!
Toys seem to be a popular theme for transport adverts, which turn the full sized vehicles into memories of childhood.
side view toy bus advert
This bus is shrunk by the giant child’s hand clutch onto it.
side view clever bus advertising
Similarly, this bus becomes a battery operated toy with clever image placement.
hamleyts toy car taxi advertising
Hamleys added to the roof of the taxi to transform the car into a wind-up toy.
Redull can on car advert
Another campaign which built into the vehicle is the Redbull car, which incorporated the can into the car’s roof, making sure it stood out against the traffic sky line.
quit smoking advert using exhaust as cigarette smoke
 More impressive is when the adverts manage to make light of more serious issues. This quit smoking campaign is both clever and thought provoking.
weightwatchers bus advert looks tilted by weight
Weight watchers tap into society’s weight insecurities with this playful bus ad.
Birds eye view of bus stating don't jump
Only visible from above, this ad pokes fun at people who don’t enjoy their jobs – cleverly visible from high rise offices.
train wrap advert of reindeer
And finally a festive favourite! Virgin’s Traindeer promotes the company whilst spreading  Christmas joy as it tours the country.

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