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Transport Media and Branch Martin Spicer Promote Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice

Marketing agency Branch Martin Spicer have collaborated with Transport Media in the organisation of a regional outdoor advertising campaign for Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice. Interior bus headliner panels will be present across public transport in Birmingham, commencing on the 13th May and lasting for a total of four weeks.

Branch Martin Spicer - Bus headliner

The campaign is comprised of three variations on a fundamental design, using three different photographs as the focal point for each version, each accompanied by a short statement related to the image – such as ‘Frank knows that his time is precious; Frank’s family cares for him’. The adverts all clearly display the Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice logo, underscored by the a web address. The left hand side of the artwork uses a purple background to display donation details, reading ‘text CARE372 to 70070 to donate £2’.

Branch Martin Spicer Campaign

With extensive experience as leading outdoor media specialists, Transport Media are able to collaborate with the branding services of Branch Martin Spicer, resulting in a robust campaign which effectively fulfils the objectives of Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice. The bus headliner format offers extended dwell time, ensuring that the campaign message is securely planted. In addition, the regional coverage achieved by the adverts will ensure that only a relevant audience will be accessed, thus minimising marketing wastage.