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Transport Media and Nisbets Advertise On Brighton Buses

Transport Media is coordinating a new bus rear advertisement campaign with Nisbets Catering Equipment in order to promote the opening of the catering and kitchen supplier’s new Brighton store. 22 bus rear adverts will be on show on the busy streets of Brighton for four weeks, from 9 March onwards.

Nisbets Bus Rear Advert

The informative advertisements promote Brighton’s new ‘One-Stop Kitchen Shop,’ which will house over 2,500 products in store with 20,000 more available for delivery to the customer’s door. Open to the trade and the public, the new store is Nisbets’ first in Brighton and the eighth in the UK in total. Bus rear advertising is a cost effective way to reach motorists, pedestrians and passengers in busy cities and towns, and this campaign will take Nisbets’ message onto the streets of Brighton to be absorbed by both catering businesses and members of the public.

Nisbets Catering Equipment is the UK’s leading mail order company for catering equipment and catering supplies. Originating from Bristol in 1983, Nisbets has now expanded across multiple countries in Europe and Australia. Nisbets supplies to both consumer and domestic markets, with its product range covering everything from heavy duty items for large catering institutions to simple high-quality cutlery and crockery.

CEO of Transport Media’s parent company Media Agency Group, Lee Dentith, said: “Transport Media is happy to be advertising the new Nisbets kitchen store on the Brighton bus network, which should give the brand a lot of exposure and publicity ahead of the grand opening of the new premises.