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Transport Media Encourages Foster Care with Wirral Council Campaign

Transport Media and Wirral Borough Council are delighted to showcase a multi-format transport advertising campaign across taxis and buses to promote the council’s push to recruit foster carers “from all walks of life.”

As Transport Media continues its fantastic working relationship with the council, this localised campaign sees taxi advertising feature on Wirral’s cabs, whilst bus rear and streetliner adverts are displayed on Birkenhead buses.

Wirral Council Taxi Advertisement

Taxi advertisements have been running in Wirral throughout the summer, with superside ads giving the council’s campaign a strong presence on the streets. As well as eye-catching exterior ads on both sides of the taxis, the campaign has also been targeting passengers inside the cabs with branded receipt pad and tip seat advertisements extending the council’s reach further.

Bus advertising has also been able to promote fostering in Birkenhead, with bus rear and streetliner advertisements drawing the attention of both motorists and pedestrians, guaranteeing a high exposure campign for Wirral Borough Council.

Wirral Council Tip Seat Advert

Wirral Council are looking for people from all walks of life to “take the next step” and consider becoming a foster carer, regardless of their sex, marital status or age. The advertisements read:

“Male or female, single or married, young and old, living alone, with a partner or with a family, you might have your own home or rent. We’re looking for people just like you and in return we are there to support you through it all.”

Managing Director of Transport Media’s parent company Media Agency Group, John Kehoe, said:

“Transport Media is thrilled to have to coordinated this campaign with Wirral Borough Council to encourage residents in the local area to consider becoming foster carers. We’ve secured ad space across some fantastic formats that offer great coverage of the advertisements and I’m sure the campaign will have brilliant results.”