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Transport Media helps Daughters of Destiny give London a Divine Encounter

Christian organisation Daughters of Destiny International have appointed Transport Media to execute a local bus advertising campaign promoting their ‘Divine Encounter’ event that will take place from the 6th to 8th September.

Bus rears will be used to display adverts on vehicles based at Camberwell depot from the 22nd July, building a presence for the occasion over a period of 4 weeks.

Daughters of Destiny - Bus Rear Advertising - London

The artwork centres on a Divine Encounter logo resting symbolically in the palm of a hand alongside a quartet of females, with the Daughters of Destiny International logo standing to the left beside a photograph of pastor and founder Tina Ovia. The dates are clearly presented in white, complemented by geographical and email addresses, a reservation hotline and website.


Through the industry experience of Transport Media, Daughters of Destiny International are able to effectively achieve their marketing objectives within a refined location. Based along Camberwell Station Road, the decision to advertise on bus rears ensures that a relevant audience is accessed by the campaign, extending further into London along the route. The bus rear format effectively targets road users, with an extended dwell time granted during periods of heavy traffic.