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Transport Media makes 5 Star Nira Caledonia shine in Edinburgh

Boutique Scottish hotel Nira Caledonia is using taxi advertising from Transport Media to raise the profile of its 5 star accommodation and in-house restaurant.

A four week taxi superside campaign will launch on May 23rd to take Nira Caledonia across Edinburgh and beyond.

The campaign uses two designs to advertise both the hotel and restaurant, with one design featuring the hotel’s chic and contemporary accommodation alongside clear hotel branding.

Nira Caledonia Taxu Tipseat CampaignNira Caledonia Taxi Advertising Campaign

A second stylish black and white format is used to encourage audiences to visit Blackwood’s Bar & Grill. The advert illustrates the restaurant’s use of fresh and local produce, stating: “Farmed, caught, bred in Scotland.”

Both adverts clearly feature the hotel’s address and contact information to encourage consumers to book online.

The campaign is being reinforced with interior taxi advertising; using branded tip seats and receipt pads to target passengers and ensure that Nira Caledonia completely envelops the city’s black cabs.

Lee Dentith, CEO of Transport Media’s parent company Media Agency Group, said:

“This is a great way for Nira Caledonia to really establish a presence in the city and celebrate their status as a five star establishment. Taxi superside advertising offers great brand exposure and will maximise reach to Edinburgh’s holiday makers and locals looking for a spot of luxury.”