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Transport Media puts Victoria Square on show in Woking

Transport Media and urban design consultancy Turley Associates have undertaken the task of promoting Woking’s new Victoria Square redevelopment, with an Advan campaign targeting the local area.

From the 10th September, a marketing presence will be felt in Woking for a total of three days, encouraging locals to visit an exhibition of the site plans.


The Victoria Square quarter is represented photographically along the left third of the artwork, with the redevelopment logo standing opposite to the right. The heading ‘exhibition’ is followed by a series of show dates and times, underlined with partner logos and the company website.

Turley Associates - Advan billboard

Proposing to refresh the town centre of Woking with a collection of shops, a hotel, apartments and a gym, Victoria Square will undergo the first steps of construction in 2014, scheduled for completion by Christmas 2017. The site will include 125,000 square feet of retail space, including UK favourites Marks & Spencer and Boots, plus a spectrum of urban commodities. The full planning application will be submitted in late 2013, following a public display of the proposal during September.


By promoting the project across an Advan, the Victoria Square redevelopment will accumulate high-frequency coverage across its target municipal within a short space of time, rapidly delivering the brand into the public of Woking.


CEO of Transport Media’s parent company Media Agency Group, Lee Dentith, said:

Advans are a wonderfully effective method of gaining widespread access to a precise location, even offering the ability to appear only at certain times of the day – at rush hour, for example. The Victoria Square Advan will reach out to the local community and thus ignite interest in the redevelopment, prompting the town to visit the exhibited plans.”