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Transport Media shows that Kingston College is ‘Good at Everything’

London-based education provider Kingston College has enlisted Transport Media to coordinate a regional outdoor marketing campaign, aiming to project the school profile at a time when last-minute choices are being made in time for the 2013/14 academic year. The 5th August will see bus rear and streetliner adverts implemented across Kingston upon Thames, running for a total of 4 weeks.

A simple white background displays the bold college motto ‘Good at Everything’, reinforced by the Kingston College logo and website. The universal ‘Good’ rating from Ofsted is also referenced beneath, working to sway decisions towards Kingston.

Further, higher and adult education at Kingston College provide academic, vocational and professional  learning across South West London, operating from five campuses around the town of Kingston. Facilities include a 300-capacity theatre, the Arena Sports Hall and gym, Bighead music studios and a professional beauty training environment.

Kingston College - bus streetliner

Transport Media have a long-standing relationship with advertisers in the education sector, allowing Kingston College to receive an effective marketing solution.  The combination of bus rears and streetliners will showcase the brand throughout the targeted outdoor location, saturating public areas with high-frequency coverage. Bus rear advertising is able to access road users by travelling in front of vehicles, with extended dwell time afforded during times of traffic congestion.

The iconic streetliner format has the power to project Kingston College from a widely visible position, encompassing passing pedestrians, cyclists and drivers within geographically relevant communities.