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Transport Media uses London’s buses to bring Fotozino App to the Capital

Transport Media is launching a two week bus superside campaign for a new app which allows users to instantly buy and sell items based on their location.

Fotozino bus superside

Bus superside adverts will feature on London’s buses for a two week campaign to promote the Fotozino app to the city’s consumers.

Fotozino enables users to take an image of a product that they wish to sell and instantly upload it to the app. Fotozino then geo-tags the photo to allow people in the nearby area to buy and pick up the product.

Bold text reading, ‘Be the first on your block’ dominates the campaign, with a strapline encouraging people to ‘share, buy and sell locally with Fotozino.’ Icons detailing where to buy the app are also included, highlighting its availability on the App store and Google Play.

Using the bus superside advertising format to advertise in a city is a fantastic way to reach a dynamic and on-the-move audience. The ability of buses to act as a mobile billboard in promoting a product or service ensures maximum reach to consumers throughout the city.

Fotozino founder, Olivier Le Quellec said:

“This application, which is completely free of charge, is the perfect tool for buying, selling or finding things around you and for helping those in your neighbourhood or village, those that I call the small traders, young designers, “get up and goers” of all kinds. For some it will help them enjoy their hobbies, for others it will help increase their revenues without the added charge of fees, commissions or logistic expenses”.

Lee Dentith, CEO of Transport Media’s parent company – Media Agency Group, said:

“Bus Superside advertising targets shoppers every minute they are out on the road; making it an ideal format to promote Fotozino. With the average bus covering over 700 miles every week, superside advertising is a fantastic opportunity for brands and businesses to speak directly to a vast consumer base and – in this instance, drive brand awareness.”