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Virgin Holidays drive job applications through the use of Outdoor Advertising

The team at Out of Home International are excited to execute the Outdoor Advertising campaign for Virgin Holidays recruitment drive across London.Out Of Home International - Virgin Holidays - Advan

The iconic brand approached Out of Home International to drive job applications for their Retail Sales Manager and Consultant positions across London.

Virgin Holidays describe themselves as “unconventional, innovative and (an) expanding business we expect our people to be creative & adaptable” ( The team at OOH International always get to know their client and their needs, wants and desires. Virgin Holidays are an experimental, media savvy brand so OOH International met them with an equally imaginative Outdoor Advertising solution, in the form of a mobile billboard known as an advan.

OOH International recommended the premium tri-side advan product for the recruitment promotion as the billboard can showcase the eye catching red artwork to pedestrians and motorists on every angle. From the 21st September 2011 the premium advan will showcase the website details for job hunters to visit. OOH International scheduled the route the premium advan is travelling to ensure Virgin Holiday’s exact audience are targeted.

Advans are attention grabbing, fully mobile, and unique in that they can be seen in any roadside environment. OOH International use advan’s to engage target audiences on a street level where people can’t help but look at the message on the vehicle. There is no advertising wastage on an advan, they are always working whether stationary or moving and the beauty of them is that an advertiser can take their message directly to the areas they want to draw people from.

Traditional methods of recruiting such as press, radio and online can be greatly complemented by Outdoor Advertising. Old-style ways of advertising simply cannot reach out to consumers in the same way Outdoor Advertising is able, which is welcomed by the public whilst making their way from A to b and simply unavoidable and cannot be switched off. Figures from the Outdoor Media Centre show Outdoor Advertising typically adds incremental reach to other media campaigns: up to 25% to press, 35% to radio and 45% to online. (Figures based on media attribution and recognition, multiple campaign research studies –

OOH International is confident this tried and tested method of Outdoor Advertising will work for Virgin Holidays recruitment drive “Mobile vehicles are designed to engage an exact audience on the move. This form of media is an amazing way for Virgin Holidays to advertise their career opportunities directly to their target audience where many other media formats could simply not reach.” – John Kehoe, Managing Director of Out of Home International.