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Which form of Underground advertising is right for you?

Advertising on the London Underground is one of the best ways to raise awareness of your brand in the Capital, regardless of what sort of audience you’re looking to target. From tourists on Oxford Street to business people in Canary Wharf, as many as 150,000 commuters enter the network every hour, meaning that your advertisements are guaranteed to have a huge impact on the public when they are displayed in these high-footfall stations and carriages.

The only trouble is many clients can be spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding which form of London Underground advertising to go for. Each type has its benefits, whether you’re looking to advertise in stations, at platforms or on the tube carriages themselves.

perspective from the bottom of the Tube escalators looking up, with eye level advertising either side.
SLEPs offer long passenger dwell-time inside stations

If you want to reach an audience who have a long journey ahead of them and need something to pass the time, then advertising with Tube Car Panels is a great way for your campaign to be seen by passengers on the move. Located just above head height, Tube Car Panels are noticed by seated and standing passengers, and on a network which has an average journey time of 21 minutes, most travellers welcome a distraction from their daily commute.

There are a number of ways to get your message across to consumers within London Underground stations, from posters and billboards to digital displays and ticket gateways. Stair, lift and escalator panels (SLEPs) can target every passenger who enters or exits the station, with extended dwell time as Underground users repeatedly pass the ads as they ascend or descend from stations.

Cross track billboards or digital projections are two of the largest advertising opportunities available on the London Underground network, offering high creative potential due to their size. Again, high dwell time is key here – commuters have plenty of time to examine and absorb your advertisements as they wait for their tube to arrive. Digital cross track projections also have the added advantage of being tailored to appear at certain times of the day, allowing your advert to reach the right people exactly when you want it to.

For more examples and inspiration for great ways to advertise on the London Underground, visit Transport Media.