16 Sheet Cross Track

Project your brand across the abundant London Underground audience, using Cross-Track 16 Sheet billboards from Transport Media, the Tube advertising specialists.

This striking portrait canvas offers a high dwell time as it targets passengers waiting on the platform, ensuring that your brand is seen by substantial crowds.

With 150,000 people entering the London Underground network every hour, this advertising medium is ideal for brands looking to engage with high audience volumes. Designed to face passengers across the platform, 16 Sheet Cross Track posters offer significant advert retention due to their position in front of a receptive audience.

The creative 16 Sheet space offers advertisers the opportunity to create campaigns that swiftly engage with their target audience, instantly accessing London’s influential urban public. The longer dwell time also means that detailed messages can be communicated more successfully than with other formats.

Brands looking to access the city’s key business districts can benefit from 16 Sheet Cross Tracks located at a selection of high-profile locations, offering particularly powerful media opportunities at stations including Waterloo, Euston, Liverpool Street, London Bridge, Moorgate and Old Street.

Transport Media offers Tube Advertising across all stations on the London Underground.