6 Sheet

Gain access to London’s significant commuter audience across the London Underground network, using 6 Sheet billboards from Transport Media, the Tube advertising specialists.

This cost-effective platform allows brands to reach vast urban audiences throughout the city, available as either static or scrolling portrait spaces.

150,000 people enter the London Underground network on an hourly basis, making the 6 Sheet format an extremely effective method of reaching high volumes of urbanites. All fitted with backlit illumination, 6 Sheets have the capacity to quickly communicate messages in busy public spaces.

The creative space of a 6 Sheet billboard offers advertisers the opportunity to create campaigns that swiftly engage with their target audience, instantly accessing London’s influential urban public.

The slimline size allows 6 Sheet posters to increase levels of engagement with influential demographics, with Tube advertising identified as the No. 1 brand that media industry professionals identify with London.

Transport Media offers Tube Advertising across all stations on the London Underground.