Tube Car Panels

Passengers have an average of 13 minutes to take in all the information displayed on Tube Car Panels.

Tube Car Panels Have Great Dwell Time

Tube Car Panels take advantage of high dwell time and deliver your message to thousands of commuters in the capital. Higher dwell time leads to greater level of consumer recall of advertisements in tube cars compared to low dwell time environments.

13 minutes is a long time in Advertising

With an average 13 minutes spent in the tube carriage, the nature of these ads ensures that commuters have time to consider and contemplate the content, fully dedicating their attention to the product being advertised.

Tube Stations Have More Wifi Than Ever

As of March 2016 251 London Underground stations provide Wi-Fi to commuters. This means that with a strong Call To Action on your Tube Car Panel advert, your customers won’t need to wait until they’re home to view your offering.

Tube Car Panel Advertising offers one of the most up-close and personal advertising experiences in London, and will encourage your socially active audience to spread your campaign message for and wide.

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