Tube Car Panels

Allow your campaign to follow London Underground passengers as they move along their journey, with interior Tube Car Panels from Transport Media, the Tube advertising specialists.

Positioned along the internal walls of the tube carriage, this format is designed to showcase your advert just above standing height, meaning that even passengers on crowded services will be exposed to your brand.

Advertising on Tube Car Panels offers extended dwell time throughout the average travel time of 21 minutes, with their close proximity visibility allowing comprehensive information to be communicated. With commuters often seeking a welcome distraction to their mundane daily journeys, Tube Car Panels are willingly read and absorbed.

The Tube Car Panel format is available throughout the London Underground system, with a particularly effective opportunity for business-oriented brands to advertise on the Waterloo & City line, transporting professional audiences between the stations Waterloo and Bank.

Transport Media offers Tube Advertising across all stations on the London Underground.