Wonder Wall

Showcase your brand across key London Underground stations, with Wonder Wall advertising from Transport Media, the Tube advertising specialists. This engaging advertising expanse is designed to saturate target platforms, with a combination of 48-sheet billboards and digital Cross Track Projection stretching along the entire trackside wall.

The high impact of these creative spaces will instantly secure the attention of passengers, cementing your brand in their memory and allowing them to easily recall your brand. The high production quality of these media formats will give your campaign an amplified sense of prestige, allowing you to stand at the forefront of your industry.


Directly facing every single person on the platform, Wonder Walls offer unrivalled coverage of influential inner-city audiences, reaching some of the world’s leading figures as they wait for the tube. Wonder Walls are perfect for large-scale product or theatrical launches, allowing advertisers to refine their campaign to suit their needs – such as selecting the theatre-filled environment of Leicester Square or the exclusive shopping district of Covent Garden.

By complementing traditional 48 Sheets with Cross Track Projection, your campaign can be tailored towards the weather, time and location, with real-time updates available thanks to the format’s digital technology.

Transport Media offers Tube Advertising across all stations on the London Underground. Click here for more information.