Bethnal Green

Advertise at Bethnal Green tube station with Transport Media, the tube advertising specialists.

Bethnal Green station lies within the London Borough of Tower Hamlets serving the Central Line, and is part of Transport for London’s Fare Zone 2. Advertising at Bethnal Green will reach the 15 million passengers who come through the tube station every year.

Tube and London Underground advertising at Bethnal Green tube station grants access to the trendsetting community of East London, located just a mile from the artistic core of Shoreditch. The station is also just over 10 minutes on foot to the picturesque expanse of Victoria Park, which hosts regular outdoor entertainment events.

Consumers spend around 3 minutes engaging with ads on London Underground platforms, and with an average journey time of around 13 minutes they have ample time to take in all the information displayed on tube car panel adverts.

An amazing 79% of commuters have responded to tube advertising by visiting an event, buying a product or looking something up as a direct result of seeing the brand on the London Underground.

Advertising formats at Bethnal Green include 4 sheets, 6 sheets, 12 sheets, 16 sheets, 48 sheets, ticket gateways and tube car panels (advertisements placed inside the tube carriages).

Bethnal Green tube station assists your audience in making an immediate purchase decision as soon as they see your tube advertising as it is a Wi-Fi enabled station, allowing millions of commuters and visitors to get online, visit social media sites, go online to shop or just browse the web to discover your brand.

Transport Media offers Tube Advertising across all stations on the London Underground.