Advertise at Kenton Tube Station with Transport Media, the tube advertising specialists.

Your brand could reach the suburban area of Kenton in outer North West London, which is a key spot for commuters travelling into the city every day. Kenton Tube Station is in the Borough of Brent and serves the Bakerloo Line in addition to the Watford DC Overground line. Located in Transport for London’s Fare Zone 4, the station sees an annual footfall of around 2 million passengers.

Consumers travelling on the London Underground spend around three minutes engaging with adverts on tube station platforms, giving your brand direct exposure to this enclosed audience. The average tube journey lasts 13 minutes, giving your brand plenty of time to reach passengers and plant your message into their memory.

79% of those using the Underground have responded directly to tube advertisements, buying displayed products, attending events or looking up further information about brands and concepts they have seen, using the station’s provided public Wi-Fi to search online for related content.

Advertising formats at Kenton station include 4 sheets and tube car panels (advertisements placed inside the tube carriages).

Transport Media offers tube advertising across all stations on the London Underground.