Gain access to the affluent community of West London by advertising at Knightsbridge London Underground station with Transport Media, the Tube advertising specialists.

Overflowing with luxury hotels and designer boutiques, Knightsbridge is a prime location for reaching wealthy audiences who are happy to spend.

Located in the exclusive Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, Knightsbridge station operates along the Piccadilly line and is part of London’s Travelcard Zone 1, allowing your brand to be seen by the station’s 20.7 million annual passengers.

Home to the iconic Harrods’ department store, the Knightsbridge area is just west of London’s central high-street shopping area, and is a popular leisure spot for the city’s elite. Also in proximity to the V&A Museum, the National History Museum and the Science Museum, Knightsbridge is a hive of activity for both tourists and locals.

Advertising formats at Knightsbridge Tube station include 4 sheets, 6 sheets, 12 sheets, 16 sheets, 48 sheets, lift, stairs and escalator panels, ticket gateways, showcase squares, digital escalator panels, LCD screens, cross track projection, landmark, silver centres, station domination, whole escalator run, special impact and tube car panels (advertisements placed inside the tube carriages).

Knightsbridge station assists your audience in making an immediate purchase decision as soon as they see your tube advertising as it is a Wi-Fi enabled station, allowing millions of commuters and visitors to get online, visit social media sites, go online to shop or just browse the web to discover your brand.

Transport Media offers Tube Advertising across all stations on the London Underground.