Mill Hill East

Get your message out at Mill Hill East London Underground Station and access an annual footfall of over 1 million with Transport Media, the London Underground advertising specialists.

Mill Hill East tube station lies within the London Borough of High Barnet in Transport for London’s Travelcard Zone 4, on the terminus of the Northern Line. Mill Hill is an affluent suburb in the North area of London, and an advert displayed at this station could reach an exclusive audience on a daily daily basis or those arriving to Mill Hill East during the weekend

Studies show that customers spend around 3 minutes engaging with adverts displayed on the London Underground, with an average journey time of 13 minutes gives them plenty of time to digest the message displayed on in-car panel adverts. 79% of customers respond directly to adverts, taking actions such as searching online for more information, attending events or purchasing products.

A planned roll-out of public Wi-Fi availability continues to expand, meaning immediate response online to the tube car panels (advertisements placed inside the tube carriage itself).

Transport Media offers Tube Advertising across all stations on the London Underground.