Display your message and target the London Borough of Ealing residents at Perivale Tube station with Transport Media, tube advertising specialists.

The station serves the Central Line and is part of the Transport for London’s fare Zone 4. By placing a message at Perivale tube station, 2.08 million commuters will be reached annually, travelling to and from London’s city centre as well as many workers using the station who travel to and from work as the station is nearby Perivale Park industrial estate.

Advertisements displayed at tube stations and tube car panels enjoy an average of 3 minutes engagement of customer attention. With an average journey time of 13 minutes provides them ample time to absorb the information shown in the adverts and act accordingly. Furthermore, a 79% of customers agreed to have responded directly to adverts, taking actions such as searching online for more information, attending events or purchasing products.

Advertising formats include 4 sheet billboards, SLEP’s, ticket gateways and tube car panels which are placed into the tube itself.

As the planned Wi-Fi availability continues to expand permits the immediate response online to the tube adverts either by getting online to browse the website or to shop directly.

Transport Media offers Tube advertising across all stations on the London Underground.