Reach 8.79 million passengers that come through Pimlico station every year by advertising with Transport Media, the tube advertising specialists.

As the last station opened on the Victoria Line, Pimlico underground station is located in the London Borough of Westminster between Victoria and Vauxhall, both major Rail and Underground stations. Therefore, the station consumers are generally local residents or passengers in their daily basis on the way to either the northern or southern side of the city.

Studies show that consumers travelling on the London Underground spend around 3 minutes engaging with adverts on tube stations, with average journey times of 13 minutes giving them plenty of time to dwell on the messages displayed on in-car advertising. 79% of those using the underground have responded directly to tube adverts, buying displayed products, attending events or looking up further information about brands and concepts displayed, using the station’s provided public Wi-Fi to search online for related content.

Formats available at Pimlico include 4 sheets, 6 sheets, 16 sheets, 48 sheets, stairs, lift and escalator panels, ticket gateway panels and tube car panels (displayed prominently inside tube carriages).

Transport Media offers tube advertising across all stations on the London Underground.