St. John’s Wood

Extend your message into the affluent area of Westminster by advertising at St. John’s Wood station with Transport Media, specialists in advertising on the London Underground.

St. John’s Wood, located in TfL’s Fare Zone 2, sits between Swiss Cottage and Baker Street on the Jubilee Line. Ads displayed here will reach more than six million passengers annually, with many professionals commuting to and from the City via this stop. Featuring an extremely affluent residential area (asking prices for homes can top £65 million), The district is home to Lord’s Cricket Ground, The American School in London and the iconic Abbey Road Studio.

Customers on average spend around three minutes engaging with adverts displayed on the platforms of the London

Underground, with the average journey time of thirteen minutes ensuring maximum impact for those ads displayed

on the train car panels. 87% of those polled actually prefer to see the Tube full of ads, rather than without – not only

Advertising on the Underground a part of everyday life for thousands of commutes, it’s actually welcomed.

St.John’s Wood station assists your audience in making an immediate purchase decision as soon as they see your Tube advertising with public Wi-Fi available allowing commuters and visitors to get online, visit social media sites, go online to shop or just browse the web to discover your brand.

Advertising formats at St John’s Wood station include 4 and 12 sheet billboards, SLEPs, ticket gateways, whole escalator run and train car panels.

Transport Media offers Tube advertising across all stations on the London Underground.