St Paul’s

Place your message directly in the path of millions with Tube advertising at St. Paul’s station, brought to you by Transport Media, specialists in London Underground advertising.


Landing in TfL’s Fare Zone 1, between Chancery Lane and Bank on the Central Line, St. Paul’s is naturally placed by the infamous cathedral designed by Christopher Wren in the 1st century. More than fifteen million people pass through the station every year, with a significant footfall of international tourists and business clients.


On average, customers spend around three minutes engaging with adverts displayed on the London Underground, with train car panel ads visible throughout the average journey time of thirteen minutes – plenty of time for this captured audience to consider and digest your message. 74% of customers polled have actively moved closer to ads in order to better see the displayed content – not only are adverts on the Underground visible, they’re actually welcomed by the consumer.


St. Paul’s station is Wi-Fi enabled, assisting your audience in making an immediate purchase decision as soon as they see your Tube ad; visiting social media sites, going online to shop or just browsing the web to discover your brand.


Formats available include 4 sheet, 12 sheet, 16 sheet and 48 sheet billboards, whole escalator run, ticket gateways and train car panels displayed within the carriages themselves.


Transport Media offers Tube advertising across all stations on the London Underground.