Tufnell Park

Display your message and connect with a range of potential customers at Tufnell Park Tube station with Transport Media, the London Underground advertising specialists.

This station, opened in 1957, serves the Islington area of London on the Northern Line as part of TfL’s Fare Zone 2. With an annual footfall of 3.5 million, this station is a great opportunity to reach Londoners using the station on a daily basis.

Studies show that consumers travelling on the London Underground spend around three minutes engaging with adverts on platforms, with an average thirteen minutes journey time spent viewing train car ads. 79% of those viewing ads on the Underground have responded directly – buying displayed products, attending events or looking up further information about brands and concepts advertised, using the station’s provided public Wi-Fi to search online for related content.

Available formats for advertising here include 4 sheet, 6 sheet, 12 sheet, 16 sheet and 48 sheet billboards, ticket gateways and rail passenger panels.

Transport Media offers tube advertising across all stations on the London Underground.