Turnpike Lane

Display your brand at Turnpike Lane Tube station with targeted advertising from Transport Media, London Underground advertising specialists.

Turnpike Lane, part of Transport for London’s Fare Zone 3, is situated on the Piccadilly Line in the Borough of Haringey. Currently undergoing restoration, the Charles Holden-designed building is near to a very cosmopolitan shopping area, and sees a diverse footfall of more than nine and a-half million passengers pass through its gates yearly.

Advertisements placed at Tube stations enjoy an average of over three minutes’ engagement with customers, and with train carriage adverts capturing passenger attention during the average journey time of 13 minutes, your message will have plenty of time to impact upon your targeted audience. 79% of users have taken direct action as the result of a Tube ad; buying products, attending events, or searching for more information via smartphone or tablet. Public Wi-Fi rollout is expected at this station soon, meaning customers can go online to explore your message immediately.

Formats available at this station include 4 sheet, 6 sheet, 12 sheet, 16 sheet and 48 sheet billboards, SLEPs, ticket gateways and train car panels.

Transport Media offers Tube advertising across all stations on the London Underground.