Wood Green

Place your message directly in the path of thousands of daily retail consumers by advertising at Wood Green Tube station with Transport Media, the Tube advertising specialists.


Wood Green station lies within the London Borough of Haringey in Fare Zone 3 on the Piccadilly line, and serves the Wood Green Shopping City retail complex. An advert displayed at this station could reach an audience of almost eleven million people annually, with shoppers, public sector workers and residents all using this station every day.


Customers have been shown to spend around three minutes engaging with adverts displayed on the London Underground, and an average journey time of thirteen minutes gives them plenty of time to digest the message displayed on train car panel ads. An impressive 79% of customers respond directly to ads, taking actions such as searching online for more information, attending events or purchasing products.


A planned rollout of public station Wi-Fi comes into effect soon, introducing the possibility of immediate online response via NFC and social media.


Available advertising formats at Wood Green station include 4 sheet, 6 sheet, 12 sheet, 16 sheet and 48 sheet billboards, SLEPs, ticket gateways, whole escalator runs and train car panels (displayed inside the Tube carriage itself).


Transport Media offers Tube advertising across all stations on the London Underground. Click here for more information on other stations