Manchester Metrolink

Advertise on the Manchester Metrolink network

The Manchester tram system serves Greater Manchester and stretches out across the region to Eccles, Bury, Rochdale, Altrincham and Ashton-under-Lyne. Tram advertising can reach diverse audiences including local commuters and tourists travelling around the city for work and leisure.

As a popular and widely used public transport service the Manchester Metrolink network offers a wide variety of advertising formats at each stop, including 4 to 48 sheet billboards, lift escalator panels and train car panels.

The Manchester Metrolink has grown steadily since it was first opened in 1992. It was the first light railway system in the UK and is now the longest with 48 miles. There are currently further plans for extensions, and the construction of additional lines is taking place.

The region sees huge numbers of passengers using the tram due to its fast and frequent connections and its ability to move large numbers of people around the city. The metro services 77 stops and serves seven of Greater Manchester’s ten boroughs. There are also a variety of Park and Ride facilities across the city.

The city is home to two Premier League football teams, three universities, a large central shopping area and countless attractions. The tram carries passengers all over the city on a daily basis.

The Manchester Metrolink is operated by a fleet of M5000 trams by the RATP Group. Double trams can hold 400 passengers at any one time and they operate solely on the Manchester Metro.

Advertising on the Manchester Metrolink allows you to reach a huge and varied audience of shoppers, commuters and passengers who ride the tram each day.