6 Sheet Billboard

Project your advert across an extensive portfolio of 6 Sheet billboards located at UK train stations, with Transport Media, the rail advertising specialists.

This cost-effective advertising space projects your brand to high volume audiences, offering exposure across premium locations on a high frequency basis.
Whether you’re looking to launch a national campaign or reach local communities, 6 Sheets are a versatile and easily accessible media format with the ability to project brands across any given location. Available as a standalone static advert or as part of a scrolling loop, 6 Sheets are perfect for swiftly captivating busy urban travellers as they stand in fast-paced corridors and concourses.

With a width of 1.2m and a height of 1.8m, 6 Sheet billboards demand that advertisers are punchy with their creative in order to avoid saturating the canvas, making this format an effective way of communicating your message.

Transport Media offers Rail Advertising across all UK stations.