Advertising With Rail Stair, Lift and Escalator Panels

Give your brand a constant stream of exposure across every passenger to enter and exit the station, with stair, lift and escalator panels from Transport Media, the rail advertising specialists.


Positioned to reach all rail users as they enter or exit the station, these advertisement panels give the public access to your campaign on a high-frequency basis.


SLEPs are ideal for quickly saturating audiences in proximity to specific locations. If your aim is to drive attention towards your nearby business, or if you want your retail or entertainment brand to be promoted in key shopping and cinema areas, these panels can effectively fulfil your objective.


With SLEPs, you can be seen by significant urban audiences as they travel to and from work, or as they enter towns and cities to socialise or shop. You will also receive extended dwell time as the panels repeatedly target passengers travelling up and down escalators.


Transport Media offers rail advertising across all stations in the UK.