Rail Passenger Panels and Carriage Cards

Allow your brand to stand out throughout the duration of a train journey, with Passenger Panels and Carriage Cards from Transport Media, the rail advertising specialists.

Elevated above standing height or occupying walls opposite seated passengers, these in-car adverts are a great way of infiltrating dense urban audiences and gaining widespread coverage for your campaign.

Visible to travellers throughout their train journey, these high dwell time formats offer advertisers the chance to communicate more complex or lengthy messages. The daily commute is a necessity for a lot of people, and so passengers will willingly read Passenger Panel and Carriage Card adverts as a welcome distraction from their travel monotony, giving your brand extra memorability.

These compact advertising formats are a great way of blanketing target regions, offering additional coverage to billboards on platforms or in station concourses, as Passenger Panels and Carriage Cards allow your advert to travel with the train and reach audiences along each route.

Transport Media offers Rail Advertising across all UK stations.