Tram Super Squares

Advertise on Tram Super Squares and gain access to major inner-city business and leisure audiences, with Transport Media, the rail advertising specialists.


As trams connect passengers to other areas of their city, your campaign could be showcased to these influential communities on a high-frequency basis.


With extended access into city centres, trams are a great way to engage with leading professionals and also crowds of shoppers by targeting them with this large advertising platform. Tram Super Squares are designed to dominate entire sections of the external carriage, including the windows, giving your brand a stunning creative space for harnessing exposure.


Advertising on trams allows you to reach fast-paced and high volume audiences, making your brand unavoidable by forcing it into their line of vision. Both retail and business-oriented brands can benefit greatly from advertising on tram Super Squares, influencing shoppers whilst they are already in a purchasing mind-set and accessing concentrated professional crowds who work in the city.


Transport Media offers Tram Advertising across all UK stations.