Falkirk High

The highly-regarded urban area of Falkirk is rendered open to your brand with rail advertising bought to you by the experts at Transport Media. With an annual footfall reaching 760,000, an advert placed at this location will be seen by a diverse daily audience of commuters and leisure travellers.

On the nationwide stage, rail advertising is an incredibly strong method of reaching a remarkably wide audience visiting and commuting from Falkirk. Almost precisely equidistant between Scotland’s two most populous cities, Falkirk High provides a great opportunity to embed your brand into the minds of the significant workforce travelling to both.

Falkirk is a town with a strong history, with much of the best evidence of Roman occupation found in the town. The Antonine Wall passes through, with remnants seen in Callendar Park, marking the northern frontier of the Roman Empire during the AD140th century. Falkirk served as the focal point of the Industrial Revolution’s footprint in Scotland, with several iconic steam engines designed and parts cast at the Carron Ironworks.

ScotRail manages the station itself, providing four trains an hour to Glasgow via Croy and a further four to Edinburgh via Polmont and Linlithgow.

Available formats for advertising at the station include 4 sheets, 48 sheet billboards and rail passenger panels

Transport Media offers rail advertising across all stations in the UK.