Southall Station

Southall is a large suburban district of West London and part of the London Borough of Ealing. The station is in Travelcard Zone 4 and passenger services are provided by First Great Western from London Paddington to Reading, Oxford and Newbury, and Heathrow by connecting from Paddington.

Located twenty minutes away from Twickenham or Uxbridge and thirty five minutes from London centre, advertising in this station will capture the attention of the commuters travelling into the towns and cities on a daily basis as well as passers-by on the train.

Southall is often described as ‘Little India’ as it has Indian and Pakistani roots mixed with communities from all over the world. You’ll find women in colourful saris, street food stalls selling samosas and Indian sweets, and bright fabrics hanging in shop fronts. Bhangra music fills the air and the area bustles with activity from the thriving local economy, making for an unforgettable visit.

There’s a huge range of places to eat and drink in Southall, particularly Punjabi, Sri Lankan, Pakistani and South Indian restaurants. Vegetarians have plenty of options to choose from.

The station has an annual footfall of nearly 830,000 people, all on their way to work or visiting the area.

Available advertising formats at Southall station include 4sheets, 6 sheets and 48 sheet billboards along with train car panels to get your message out to the South.

We also offer advertising in all stations across the UK.