Warwick and Warwick Parkway Station

Warwickshire’s county town is world-famous for its magnificent castle and historic charm. Both stations have an annual average of 533 thousands passengers using the services. Therefore your campaign could stand out in this major tourist destination introduced by the rail advertising specialist, Transport Media.

There are many attractions to visit in the town, blessed by beautiful parks and gardens such as St Nicholas Park, Mill Street and Garden and Hill Close Gardens, in addition to buildings of outstanding quality as the legendary Castle, Warwick is a popular tourist destination. Not forgetting the Warwick Racecourse and the annual festivals.

Regardless of the amount of visitors arriving for leisure, Warwick is well known for its University, hosting numerous students. In recent years several high-profile national and international companies have set-up large office complexes in and around Warwick, notably National Grid plc and IBM increasing the average of daily commuters.

By rail advertising, your brand could be exposed into a colossal and varied audience, ranging from visitors, to students and professionals. In both Warwick’s train stations, most trains calling are Chiltern Railways trains between London Marylebone and Birmingham Snow Hill, Kidderminster or Stratford-upon-Avon. Advertising formats at Warwick Station include 4 sheets and train car panels.

While, in Warwick Parkway station include 4 sheets, 6 sheets, 48 sheets and train car panels.

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