National Express – West Midlands

Advertising on National Express Buses is a great way to target your audience in the West Midlands.

National Express runs a fleet of 2,000 buses in West Midlands (Birmingham and Wolverhampton), Coventry and Dundee. National Express West Midlands is the largest bus operator in the respective area and one of the largest in the UK carrying over 1 million passengers every day who can view your advertising message.

When you advertise on National Express Buses you can reach a mass audience in the West Midlands on a powerful medium which builds coverage of the area around the clock and combined with proximity benefits, buses make a winning combination when used in an outdoor advertising campaign.

Advertising formats on National Express buses include Bus Backs/Bus Rears, LED panels, Streetliners, Bus tickets, Supersides, T Sides, Headliners, Super Squares, Mega Rears, Full Wraps, Full Sides, Super Rears, Upper Rear, Special Displays, Coving Panels and Bulkheads.

65% of ABC1 adults have noticed bus advertising on buses in the last week, with 80% of consumers responding to a Bus Ad. Transport Media can guide your campaign down the right road and target your campaign as specific to the depot of the town you wish to target.

Transport Media offers Bus Advertising across all major and independent bus operators in the UK. Click here for more information on other operators across the UK.