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Alperton Community School Stand out with Transport Media

London’s Alperton Community School are generating awareness for their 25th September open evening, with a local outdoor marketing campaign from Transport Media that targets potential students looking to enrol for the next academic year.

Bus rear adverts will be implemented on the 2nd September, remaining on display for 4 weeks leading up to the event.

A teal background is used to showcase the translucent image of a student, accompanied by the Alperton Community School logo and an array of endorsing stamps – such as ‘Healthy School’, ‘Ofsted’ and ‘Sport England’. The ‘open evening’ headline is centrally positioned, along with the date, school address and telephone number.

Specialising in maths and science, the school lies in the North West London district of Alperton and boasts an Ofsted grade of ‘outstanding’. By selecting the potent medium of bus advertising, Alperton Community School will effectively transport their brand across the target region, infiltrating potential students and parents as the bus rears stand visible to road users and also pedestrians.

CEO of Transport Media’s parent company Media Agency Group, Lee Dentith, said:

“The transitional period between academic years is a peak time for campaigns in the education sector, and Transport Media are fully able to coordinate a solution on the popular bus rear format, bringing Alperton Community School to the forefront of their industry.”