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Blue Insurances Send Their Brand Through The London Underground With Transport Media

Blue Insurances are ensuring that our risk management is catered for, promoting their award-winning services through a dual format campaign organised by Transport Media which uses London Underground and bus advertising to publicise their direct brand. Adopting the marketing devices of tube car panels and bus supersides, will have its brand posted through London’s bustling public transport network for two weeks out of every month up until December.


Tube Car Panels - London


Several adverts have been created to cover the various insurance policies available from, all presented over a tranquil beach scene of cobalt sky and white sand. Various communication particulars allow easy access to the website, call centre and Facebook page, using the statement ‘award winning travel insurance’ to entice potential customers. The company’s reasonable prices dominate the image, centrally positioned within an eye-catching yellow box and accompanied by an exclamatory promotional code, such as “Enter promo code TUBE1 to get £5 OFF NOW!”.


Tube Car Panels - LondonTube Car Panels - London


In its tenth year of operation, Dublin-based Blue Insurances has progressed from its initial purpose as a travel insurance company into a multi-faceted provider of various types of mishap recovery. Repeat winner of Best Travel Insurance Company in Northern Ireland and finalists of the 2011 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards, the company prides itself on competitive rates and flexible services. focuses on travel insurance, striving to offer competitive pricing and easily penetrable online and telephone booking systems. The service encompasses a wealth of options in order to supply customers with a personally tailored policy, whether it be Single Trip, Backpacker, Winter Sports, Wedding or Annual Multi Trip insurance.


The online and telephone purchasing portals of means that they are accessible on a national level, allowing them to realistically promote themselves to the expansive population of London. Transport Media’s industry knowledge facilitates the optimisation of the insurance supplier’s campaign in order to avoid advertising wastage, targeting a highly relevant location.


The London Underground is frequented by a sector of the public who are likely to embark on a holiday, meaning that various forms of vacation-specific insurance would be advantageous to their lifestyles. Transporting over a billion passengers in one year, the London Underground is a prime format with which to advertise, with passengers spending an average of 13 minutes on each journey – meaning 13 minutes that each passenger could spend reading a tube car panel advertisement. As furthermarketing support, bus supersides have the capacity to quickly target the out of home sector, as over 90% of the city resides within 400m of one of London’s 19,500 bus stops.