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Luster Products uses London buses to promote range in Boots

American hair care company Luster Products Inc. has partnered with Transport Media to announce the availability of its ‘Colorlaxer’ range in Boots stores.

A London-targeted bus campaign is set to launch on July 21st, using the effective format of bus rear advertising to transport the brand across key South London locations.


Buses throughout Tottenham, Brixton, Peckham and Northumberland Park will all carry Luster Products’ vibrant advertising campaign for four weeks.

Using the strap line “Color, Relax & Condition in one easy step”, the campaign highlights the ease and efficiency of their ‘Colorlaxer 3-N-1’ range of hair colorants.

Also featuring the Boots logo and by-line, the ad clearly creates a link for the Luster brand with the well-known store, encouraging audiences to look for Luster when next in their local branch of Boots.

Luster Products Inc. is the leading African-American manufacturer of premium personal care products for customers worldwide.

Using bus rear advertising across the capital is a fantastic way to utilise one of London’s most prominent modes of public transport, and is guaranteed to maximise reach to audiences throughout the city by acting as a mobile billboard.

Lee Dentith, CEO of Transport Media’s parent company, Media Agency Group said:

“The bus rear format is a great way to target a captive audience of motorists and passengers who are travelling directly behind a brand’s campaign. This simple and striking design will undoubtedly turn heads on the capital’s roads, helping to enhance Luster Products’ presence at Boots.”