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Oxford Council entice Landlords with Transport Media

Oxford Council have enlisted Transport Media for the launch of a regional bus advertising campaign, working to increase the number of landlords operating across Oxford.

Buses based in Oxford will feature the campaign from the 30th September, running for a total of 4 weeks.

Bus Rear Advertising

The photographic image of a family is presented on the left hand side, with a headline that reads ‘landlords WANTED, families NEED you’. The Oxford City Council logo provides the advert with reputability, accompanied by the council website along the bottom. A bullet point list of incentives for prospective landlords takes a central position, such as ‘no agency fees’ and ‘rent in advance’.

Bus rear advertising presents Oxford Council with the authority to gain widespread access to the communities it serves, with an outdoor location that reaches both pedestrians and road users. Placing the advert directly in front of motorists, bus rears benefit from extended dwell time at the busiest travel periods.

CEO of Transport Media’s parent company Media Agency Group, Lee Dentith, said:

Oxford Council’s campaign to enlist landlords will enjoy thorough local attention, fuelled by its position across bus rears within the council catchment area. The headline is designed to instantly grab attention, planting the idea of becoming a landlord firmly in the minds of the public.”