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Shh! Transport Media and Orderly Telecoms promote the App London is not meant to know about

Transport Media has partnered with Orderly Telecoms to coordinate a unique promotional campaign for the WeQ4U App.

The attention-grabbing “Shh!” adverts will launch on 12th May, featuring on London bus headliner panels for 4 weeks.

Bus Advertising

Advertising the free, five star app that “your mobile provider doesn’t want you to know about”, the striking adverts highlight the App’s main benefit of “free calls to 08 numbers” alongside other advantages including its ability to queue for customers when on hold.

Interior headliner panels are a great way to attract the attention of daily and local commuters who ride London buses on a regular basis, acting as a high-impact media format to successfully engage an on-the-move and often distracted audience. The bold black and white design immediately demands attention by engaging with audiences before explaining more about the WeQ4U App’s features. A unique website address and QR code is included to encourage passengers to find out more.

CEO of Transport Media’s parent company Media Agency Group, Lee Dentith said:

“We are excited to promote this beneficial WeQ4U App across the capital and feel that London buses are the ideal place to deliver such a campaign. The extended dwell time bus passengers experience means that the message on these headliners will be engaging, effective and absorbed by an extremely urban and diverse audience.”