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The Royal Docks Community School Gains Coverage with Transport Media

London’s Royal Docks Community School is reaching out to potential 2014 students through Transport Media, with a bus advertising campaign based in the local Borough of Newham. Streetliner and bus rear adverts will be present on vehicles based at the Stagecoach West Ham depot, with a staggered release on both the 19th August and 16th September for 2 weeks each time.

Royal Docks Community School rear panel

Maintaining the school’s blue colour palette, the advert uses a mixed light and dark background to display the bold, white ‘open day’ text and date, with a photograph of Royal Docks Community School students inset on the left hand side. A strapline of bullet points displays the school values to ‘aspire’, ‘learn’, ‘cooperate’ and ‘achieve’, with a contact telephone number and website overlain alongside.


Providing co-educational learning for 11-16 year olds since 1999, the Royal Docks Community School continues to guide students through the national curriculum, with almost 1000 pupils on the current school roll. Working with Transport Media will provide the school with the necessary resources to gain momentum in their local region, with bus advertising offering high-frequency exposure within the Royal Docks Community School’s catchment area.