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Transport Media, Thirty-Three and St Monica Trust Take On Bristol

Transport Media have teamed up with Thirty-Three to bring the message of St Monica Trust’s Open Day to the citizens of Bristol.

bus back advertising

Running for four weeks from the 3rd of February, the bus rear advert invites the viewer to attend St Monica Trust’s open day – an event for nurses, care assistants, care at home workers, catering and housekeeping staff – to come along and discuss the benefits of working with St Monica Trust.

Featuring a simple, effective layout, the ad gives all the information needed in a clear, concise manner, with times, dates and location all easily seen. Their tagline, ‘Delivering Well-Being’, is prominently displayed under an inviting image of one of their satisfied workers.

Lee Dentith, CEO of Transport Media, said:

“Bus rear advertising is a great way to connect with an urban audience, and we hope this campaign strengthens both the roster of St Monica Trust and our relationship with Thirty Three.”