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Transport Media Top 5 Bus Adverts of 2013

With over 30 million people having seen advertising on buses in the last week, it comes as no surprise that Bus Advertising offers fantastic results for brands and service providers.

From Supersides and Rears to Bus Tickets and everything in between, at Transport Media we have access to over 97% of bus advertising available over 200 different bus operators throughout the UK. Here’s a look back at some of our most successful campaigns of 2013.

1.      Skiddle makes your Weekend Matter with Transport Media

The UK’s largest what’s on guide and primary ticket outlet, Skiddle, chose to promote their brand with Transport Media through Bus Supersides – one of the most common and effective methods of bus advertising formats.  Projecting their brand over the North West, Supersides were used to directly target consumers, and give the ticketing giant maximum presence in Manchester.

A vibrant pink colour palette made the graphics consistent with Skiddle’s freshers’ campaign, and was endorsed by the Skiddle logo.

2.      Tameside and Glossop NHS launch ‘My life, my choice’ campaign with Media Agency Group

Fully Wrapped buses are the largest moving advertising format available, as well as being the ultimate branding statement. Commanding attention, this fully wrapped bus was designed by the  creative team at MAG for Thameside and Glossop NHS, using the theme ‘My life, my choice’.

Simple, striking and trendy, this huge moving canvas meant the message was clearly communicated with young people in a truly unmissable format.

3.      Transport Media and Branch Martin Spicer Promote Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice

Marketing agency Branch Martin Spicer collaborated with Transport Media in the organisation of a regional outdoor advertising campaign for Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice. Advertising on Headliner passenger panels is a fantastic way to engage and communicate with audiences who experience an extended dwell time on bus journeys, and these adverts certainly engaged audience with their use of imagery.

Featuring three variations on a fundamental design that played on human emotion, the clear and concise adverts also displayed the Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice logo, web address and donation details.

4.      Transport Media gives London a Taste of Nigeria’s Carniriv Festival

Streetliner Bus Advertising is a cost effective way to reach urban audiences in cities and towns in the UK, with a two-week national Streetliner campaign reaching 79% of all adults.

In partnership with entertainment equipment supplier Zmirage Multimedia, in August Transport Media launched a  Streetliner campaign to enhance the presence of Nigeria’s iconic Carniriv festival. Brimming with vibrant imagery and heavily endorsed by festival partner logos, the advert demanded the attention of both drivers and pedestrians; creating a big brand impact across London.

5.      Transport Media Encourage Global Exploration with the China National Tourist Office

In pursuit of Britons seeking a travel destination, Transport Media initiated a London-based marketing strategy for the China National Tourist Office, using Bus Superside adverts as one format to raise interest in the country as a holiday option.

Using heavyweight activity across central public transit routes, high-impact Supersides were launched to raise interest amongst high-profile urban professionals and to secure a position for China as a genuine holiday option.