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YMCA Derbyshire Maximises Its Advertising With Transport Media

Transport Media have been appointed to direct an outdoor advertising campaign for the YMCA in Derbyshire, opting for a dual-format approach with bus streetliners and headliner panels. Promoting the plethora of educational services offered by the charity, the marketing strategy takes place in the Derby region throughout the month of February.


Attracting attention with the silhouette of a person jumping in front of a vibrant explosion of colour, the advert covers a variety of options that are offered under the ‘Learning and Development’ scheme running at YMCA Derbyshire. E-mail and internet addresses are included in addition to telephone numbers, ensuring that there are readily available methods of gaining further information. The headline “It’s fun to learn at the YMCA!” is underscored by purple text containers that list the accessible means of developing skills with the charity.


YMCA Derbyshire is a 165-year-old independent charity affiliated to the national YMCA movement. It provides accommodation to vulnerable people facing homelessness, learning and development programmes, children’s services and other projects in the community. Abbreviated from Young Men’s Christian Association, the YMCA has been running since 1844 and is now a globally recognised brand with 7,000 paid employees and 7,000 volunteers in the UK alone.


Specialising in transport advertising, Transport Media has a team of experienced consultants who are able to assess the needs of each client in order to fulfil individual objectives. Transport Media have coordinated two high-impact bus formats of streetliners and headliners, giving fully encompassing coverage from the outdoors right through to the bus interior. As a mode of public transport that is visible from the outside, streetliner adverts are an effective method of targeting the community on street level. Headliners offer a higher dwell time for bus passengers, and are an effective mode of addressing prospective YMCA users as the advert’s target audience are more likely to be using buses than operating cars.